Love at first woof

Jacques (now shortened to Jack) certainly looks like he's got it made now! He bonded immediately with his new dog-brother, Tica!! They now play, cuddle and hang out together all the time! Happy tail for happy Jack! Have the best life, Jack and Tica! #catsanddogs #adopt #kitten #happytails

Orange is the new awesome

WOW!! This weekend TEAM Cat had a lot of exciting things happening. We have all been working in overdrive to ensure we pull as many cats as possible from high-kill shelters, while maintaining everything else. One of the cats we pulled was... named Colby; he was pulled, brought to Toronto, vetted and placed at his foster home in a Pet Value in Mississauga, all within ONE WEEK!! Well, Colby's stint at the Pet Value was very brief indeed, as a family fell in love with him and drove all the way back from Guelph to pick him up and take him home. Some of our volunteers worked overtime to make sure everything worked out -- and this picture lets us know it was all worth it! Have an amazing life,

Foster failure - when failure is a good thing

A little while ago, we had a very special foster failure happen within our rescue when a volunteer and friend, Lex, decided to adopt her foster kitten, Chaos. Chaos was four weeks old when he wound up in the gas pound in Quebec. We pulled... him, saving his life, and Lex decided to foster him. She says that as soon as she saw him, she knew she was in trouble. It was love at first sight! When Chaos isn't running around causing some chaos of his own, he is Lex's snuggle buddy. It's amazing to think that this little guy was so close to being euthanized, but is now living the sweet life with his cuddle queen! Congrats to Lex and Chaos -- we hope you have a lifetime of fun! #kitten #adopt #

Bonding with a bonded pair

Princess and Leia have travelled the galaxy to get to their furever home together, and finally, they have found it! Their new family says they are settling in nicely and they already have tons of pictures of them! It seems that these lucky ladies won't have to travel through the stars anymore, they've finally found home! Congratulations to Princess and Leia and their new family! #bondedpair #kittens #adopt #happytails

Looking to help a grieving cat

DUKE'S HAPPY TAIL: Last weekend, Duke (now Zorro) was welcomed into his new furever home, where he met his new furever buddy, Loki. Sadly, Loki's bonded buddy passed away recently and Loki has been really devastated. His mom, Danielle, t...hought he might like a new cat to cheer him up and play with. It was a bit of a bumpy start at first -- Zorro is still very much a kitty and wants to play all the time!! But you'll be pleased to know that now Loki is very much a happy boy with Zorro and they are playing together. Zorro is a big cuddler and will fit right in with his new family. We love happy endings Congratulations to Zorro and Loki and your furever parents See More #grievingcat #a

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