Finally a furever home!

GUYS!! Guys!! It's me, Charlie!! Remember me? I'm the cat that can type (but I'll be taking a long nap after this post, it's hard typing with paws!) -- anyway, I wanted to let you guys know something. I AM TYPING FROM MY FUREVER HOME! Two wonderful people adopted me -- Alison and Chris -- and now I even have three other cat-sisters and brothers! Wow, I can't believe it! I'm still getting used to everyone but I am feeling really comfortable and happy in my new home. I just can't believe it finally happened! I am very lucky. My foster parents keep telling everyone how sweet I am, so maybe they are lucky too. Okay, I gotta jet because my brothers and sisters want to play, but maybe you'

Saved from abandonment

TUX'S HAPPY TAIL: Tux's happy tail is very special. Tux was dumped from a cat carrier onto the ground in a downtown park. Yes, as you can guess, he was a house cat, and he was no longer wanted. It is heartbreaking to hear stories like this, because most of us cannot comprehend the idea of abandoning our beloved furry friends, especially not in a manner such as this. But Tux will no longer have to remember the pain he felt when he was abandoned. As you can see, Tux looks quite at peace in his new adoptive home. He will never know what it's like to be alone again. It is stories like this that make rescue all worth while -- and that encourage us all, including our beloved furry friends

Best failure is a foster failure

Hi there! Remember me? It's Padme, the only cat to grow a dish on their head over night. I kid you not, I fell asleep and when I awoke, it was there! I get 200 channels on this thing, including the rotisserie, aquarium and aviary channels! ...My favorites. You know what else I channeled on this? Love!!! Along with this dish came my very own furever home. They call my foster mom a "foster failure" but I don't think she failed at all! In fact I think she won when she decided to keep me. Yep! Both her and my new brother and best friend, Oliver, sure did win. That is the thing about love... it just changes your life! See More #happytails

Reunited and it feel so good

PIERRE and ANDY'S HAPPY TAIL (from Pierre's own mouth): WE'RE GOING TO COLLEGE!! We are so happy to announce that the stars have aligned and we have a home TOGETHER! Here is a brief snapshot of life before college: we found ourselves homeless, myself dropped off, unwanted at a gas pound and Andy found abandoned and freezing outside last winter (and subsequently dropped off at another gas pound).... Just when our time was running up at these two completely different Quebec gas pounds, we were rescued. Our paths first crossed when we met and spent some time together in a temporary foster home and became fast friends. Unfortunately, we were separated again due to limited space in foster h

Survivor siblings

BRAM AND SAMWELL'S HAPPY TAIL: Hi, it's Bram and Samwell writing to you from our new forever home! One night we fell asleep in our foster home and when we woke up we were told it was now our forever home...see magic does happen and dreams come true! We had been wishing and hoping and praying for a place to permanently plant our paws after our long, hard journey. You see, we were not always this lucky, we started life off by being dumped at a gassing shelter in Quebec but magic happened again and Team Cat rescued us along with our two sisters. We arrived in Ontario and Rhonda was waiting for us with arms wide open. All seemed great for the first few days but then we all got really s

Love at first sight

JET'S HAPPY TAIL Do you believe in love at first sight? I sure do. So does my furever mom. We saw each other and that was it. We just knew we were meant for each other. I wasn’t sure things were going to work out so well for me. You see, ...I thought I had a forever home once. For some reason it didn’t work out and I found myself in a very scary high kill shelter. I don’t know why. I’m obviously a handsome boy, and very outgoing once you get to know me. Being in the shelter really made me anxious and frightened. Then Team Cat Rescue decided I deserved a second chance for happiness and took me to my foster mom. I was still nervous, and just didn’t trust that she wouldn’t take me back to tha

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