10 Years & 500 Miles Can't Keep Them Apart

Here is a unexpected happy tail that we are proud to be a part of: Remember to microchip, keep your pets indoors and never give up!! THE CAT CAME BACK, A DECADE LATER: a case for microchipping I’ve had my missing cat back for about a month. She wasn’t missing for a few days,weeks, or even a few years. She was missing for nine years. In 2007, I moved from Montreal to Toronto with Bungle. She was used to spending her afternoons in the quiet garden behind my apartment in Montreal and meowed incessantly to get out once we got to Toronto. Eventually I started letting her out in the alley behind the apartment. It was a far cry from our old garden in Montreal, but it was safe. I put out a bed along

FIV Cats are awesome too

Many of you have seen Mao's profile on our FIV Friday updates for sometime now. He had a lot of inquiries but once people heard about his FIV status, they passed him by as if he were broken or not worthy of consideration. Well good news!!! He has been adopted!!! His adopter says this about him: " if there was a prescription that a doctor could have given me for my own health, it would not match what Mao has already done for me." Hooray for Mao and his new mom!! Sounds like a purrfect match. #happytails

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