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Cat aggression with humans

Cats can develop bad biting and scratching habits towards the humans they love. If not dealt with early, it can escalate and cause the cat to be rehomed. Here are some tips on dealing with this issue.

*This presentation was written by Kelley Bollen of Animal Alliances on behalf of Alleycat.org

With aggression towards humans, you need to know what is the motivation/trigger? With Play aggression sometimes it is as simple as they get too rough. They have motion sensitive vision so movement can start unwarranted aggression (attack feet, etc)

Use play therapy. Direct play energy to more appropriate form. (feather wand, battery hunting toys)

You can stop engagement when cat starts getting aggressive. Say no and and walk away.

Redirect energy onto a toy.

Always look at the body language. Ears go back. Tails whip around. Body scrunched up. Body does a ripple throughout.

Redirected aggression is when a cat is agitated by one thing and takes it out on someone else, e.g. Cat sees outdoor kitty and you come to pet and he attacks on you.


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