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Palliative Pascha

This Team Cat Rescue alumni senior is Pacha! Rest In Peace, we are so thankful for his amazing adopter and that he had a home with unconditional love for the final chapter of life. The following is from his adopter.

I adopted Pacha as I am in love with senior cats. Following some palliative fosters, and adopting two other senior cats, they have a special spot in my heart. As soon as I saw his photo I got in touch with Team Cat Rescue, and before I knew it he was coming home. He was such a sweet and gentle boy. Pacha was very accepting and loving considering how much he had been through. He took medication very well and I hope it was because he knew I loved him, and that he knew I was helping him. He inspires us to give everyone a chance. Pacha loved his perches. Whether the cat tree, window sill or desk. He was happy simply in your company. He will be greatly missed. Whether seniors are with us for a week, a month, a year, or longer, I believe that they are the best pets. I am so grateful Team Cat Rescue saved him and we got to spend that special time with him.

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